One the best parts of the belfast prayers Journey is that i get to travel the world and meet groups of young women and teach them the Sugar army routine.

So far we have Sugar Armies in :

Belfast, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Quimper France. Each group varies slightly in Age and Experiance From our youngest at time of performance being 12 to our eldest being 21.

From first time ever dancing to full time students of the brits School. 

Each time i have met and connected with one of my troupes I have promised them that one day they will get a chance to meet the other Sugar Armies and we will dance together as a huge army of female strength one day.

I would love the chance to bring Hard to be soft and to build a Sugar army in other European Countries. Such as :

Italy, Spain, Wales, Russia, Greece, ect.

Especially now in the light of Northern Ireland being dragged out of the E.U by a majority English vote. It is a powerful thing to give the young women of our future a chance to connect with Girls just like them around Europe.

Across Language, Across race, Across religion, Across Borders. Pure dancing. Pure friendship.

If you or your festival /Venue would like to get involved in helping me make Sugar International a reality  please contact me.

Oona Doherty

sugar international